{"content":{"1":{"src":"http:\/\/www.tejafischer.com\/tpl\/audio_player.php?file=27\/web\/vw-dsg-bandwurm-neu-1.mp3","title":"2 radio spots for Volkswagen, both of which have received several awards. The first was awarded at ADC and the LIA Awards.

\"From Volkwagen there is now the revolutionary gearbox that basically consists of 2 gearboxes in one it\u2019s called DSG and it\u2019s the abbreviation for Direct Shift Gearbox theoretically it consists of 2 clutches linked in parallel that automatically recognize the ideal moment to shift and change gears within one one-hundredth of a second our engineers created the gear shift without interruptions in power it sounds a bit complicated you say well you know how engineers are in practice however it has a decisive advantage over other gearboxes they can shift gears without taking a single break between shifts DSG is available for various Volkswagen models please visit an official Volkswagen partner or visit us on www.volkswagen.de for further information Volkswagen for the love of cars.\"

Agency: Grabarz und Partner
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\"The route is being calculated. Take the next left. Turn left now. Your destination is located on the right. You have reached your destination.\"
\"Really new (young). The new used cars at Volkswagen. Now available at your area Volkswagen dealer.\"

Agency: Grabarz und Partner
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