{"content":{"1":{"src":"https:\/\/vimeo.com\/130342340","title":"Tobi and Karo \u2013 two young, attractive, extremely motivated, well-educated filmmakers living in precarious conditions (they share bunk beds and suitcases) are sent by a \u201cproducer\u201d on a crucial mission: They must search for the enigmatic Vulcan man of Anak Krakatau! And of course find him too! And then film him! Because the producer needs money fast\u2026 LOTS of money.

\"The enigmatic Vulcan man\" came about in summer 2014 from a loose idea in Zadar, Croatia and was filmed in 5 days.

It ran at the Lichter Filmfest Frankfurt and took home third place at the Trashfilm-Festival in Kassel.

Here is the trailer, directly followed by the film.

My contribution:
Co-writer, co-director, roll \u201cTobi\u201d","width":"","height":""},"2":{"src":"https:\/\/vimeo.com\/122575927","title":"\"The enigmatic Vulcan man\" (20 minutes)

Henning Christiansen, Teja Fischer, Zejlko Vidovic, Eva Becker
Sounddesign+Mischung: Michael Gentner
Musik: Amaury Bernier, Trio Mortacci, The Mumlers, Paul Luca Herbinger, Sclolex

My contribution:
Co-writer, co-director, roll \u201cTobi\u201d","width":"","height":""}}}